Tekniklabs - ROBLOX - Coding Fun - Somerset Academy Bay Session 2

Boys & Girls ages 8-12 Will learn different CODING skills using our amazing CODE editor to build Roblox Mini-games with a variety of goals and settings that will keep your child engaged while transitioning to LUA coding Language. Dodge barrels, model objects, fight zombies and even escape from a prison maze avoiding killer lasers; all using the power of coding while learning about functions and conditionals, as well as debugging and refactoring code. Every day, kids CODE and Play a different mini-game so there's always something new to learn and play!

Main benefits of learning to code:

* Coding is a valuable skill that can help children be successful in many different areas of their lives: Coding is not just for computer programmers.

* Coding helps children to think logically and solve problems

* Coding develops creative thinking skills

* Coding teaches children how to persevere and persist when faced with challenges

ROBLOX - Coding Fun - Somerset Academy Bay Session 2

Somerset Academy Bay

9500 SW 97th Ave
Miami, Florida 33176

Grade:  2 - 5
Age:  7 - 12


Mon, January 9, 2023
Mon, March 6, 2023
Time :
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Exclusive for Somerset Academy Bay Students


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