Tekniklabs - World Of Coding: Session 4 at True North Dadeland

Discover the exciting World of Coding for your child by enrolling them in our After-school LABS. With engaging sessions focused on ROBLOX, Minecraft, and Drones coding, our young learners will acquire the skills of tomorrow in a safe, creative, and enjoyable environment led by our team of exceptional instructors. 


Unlock your child's potential as they dive into the realm of computer science and programming concepts, essential skills for the future workforce. Through interactive activities using ROBLOX, Minecraft, and Drones, they'll have the opportunity to craft their very own minigames while fostering their creativity and innovation.


Give your child the edge they deserve and watch them thrive in our fun-filled, skill-building program!


Register for the highlighted session or save your child's spot for the full year and get a 10% discount on the total price by calling us directly at (866) 384-5501.

Note: Students Grades 4th to 6th: Since dismissal for these grades is at 2:30 PM, kids will head to the assigned classroom and wait for the class to start at 3:15 PM when grades 2nd and 3rd are dismissed. Our instructor will be on the school grounds at 2:30 PM

World Of Coding: Session 4 at True North Dadeland

True North Academy Dadeland

7900 SW 86th St
, Florida 33143

Grade:  2 - 8
Age:  8 - 14


Fri, March 8, 2024
Fri, April 26, 2024
Time :
3:15 pm - 4:30 pm

Exclusive for True North Dadeland Students. Student's Progress is tracked individually, so you can register anytime as long as spots are available.


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