Boys & Girls Ages 8-12 IMPORTANT: PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS A VIRTUAL CLASS THAT WILL BE CONDUCTED VIA ZOOM. Will Learn coding skills through our advanced drag & drop blocks interface. Each Child Will have the Chance to Learn the Amazing World of CODING While Sharing Their Creations and Collaborating in a Multiplayer Setting. Each Class Is Structured with Different Challenges Based on Specific Goals Related to Both: The Characters and The Environment. This Program is Designed for Boys & Girls Ages 8+ With NO or Limited CODING Experience.


Why is It Important for My Child To Learn How To Code?

- Practice Critical Thinking

- Tech is Everywhere. All Jobs in the Future Will Be TECH-related.

- Coding-related Careers Have Greater Earning Potential.

- Coding Encourages A Problem-Solving Mentality


Soft Skills Practiced During TeKniK LABS Classes:

- Communication

- Conflict Management

- Idea Exchange

- Decision-Making

- Analysis

- Self-Motivation

- Creativity


- This program is for Boys & Girls ages 8-14

- Must have a modern PC/MAC with Camera and stable Internet Connection

- Chrome Web Browser Installed

- Zoom App Installed

- Minecraft JAVA Edition Installed

CODING Minecraft MODS, Video Game Design. Virtual Class. Group A

Zoom Online Class

Zoom Online Class
Miami Dade, Florida .

Price: $96.00

Thu, April 30, 2020
Thu, June 18, 2020
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

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